Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for Sports Organizations If sports organizations have learned anything from the Covid-19 crisis, it’s the fact that knowing and managing your risks is crucial. And suddenly, clubs start asking themselves: How will my club be impacted by cancelled competitions at national and international level? What’s the impact on our revenue if we are … Read more Risk Assessment

Running sports operations safely in times of Corona

Running sports operations safely in times of Corona? – The importance of Risk Management Current Root Cause – Corona/ Covid-19 What’s missing in traditional sports businesses during the current crisis? Totally right – (live) sports. No business without the product itself! Think about Coca Cola, Pepsi or Red Bull trying to make a dollar without … Read more Running sports operations safely in times of Corona


Business Continuity Management: Continuing operations in times of Corona For large corporations, business continuity management, or BCM, is old hat. Many businesses have had their BCM plans in the drawer for years and can pull them out in times like these or at least use them as a basis for resuming their operations.   Covid-19 … Read more BCM

Good governance in sports

Good governance in sports – More important then ever The integrity of sport has been subject to significant challenges over recent years, inter alia given the growth of sports betting, match-fixing, corruption, misappropriation of funds and other criminal activities. Such activities have highlighted the vulnerability of sport to corrupt practices.  Sporting bodies are no longer … Read more Good governance in sports