The Golden Ball Model

What is the Golden Ball Model?

The Golden Ball Model is essentially a tool that helps you develop and manage your sports organization or club. It is based on international best practice and Quality Management Standards and adapted to the specific requirements of sports organizations.

Develop your organization!

Set the standards!

Become champion!

  • The Golden Ball Model has 6 dimensions. These are the main areas which influence a sports organization and determine success or failure.
  • The Golden Ball in the middle symbolizes the organization’s overall strategy.
  • “Sporting” is traditionally the most prominent dimension most sports organizations focus on – but it is not the only one that matters!
  • Analyzing and improving the other dimensions will give you a competitive edge over your rivals.
  • Each of the six dimensions contains various categories for analysis. 
  • Begin your analysis by focusing on the most relevant dimensions for your club.

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What do we offer?

BALLYMPICS offers three packages to analyze your sports organization:

  • BRONZE (Quick check of your organization)
  • SILVER (Detailed check of your organization) and
  • GOLD (Premium package including check and personal consulting days to help you implement areas for improvement)

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Can you give an example?

How does our methodology work? Below is an example taken from our Golden Ball Model: 

SAMPLE: Dimension No. 2 – FINANCE


  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of your current financials and identify areas for improvement
  • Determine preferred financing strategy for your sports organization

Where to start your analysis:

  1. Analyze your club’s financial statements (Income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement etc. if available)
  2. Analyze the income generated from operations (ticketing, merchandising, broadcasting and third party sponsorship)
  3. Highlight any income from related parties
  4. Determine your main sources of income and related risk
  5. Come up with ideas how to diversify your income (this can be done through workshops with management etc.)
  6. Use BALLYMPICS guidelines and templates to capture your ideas

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