Sports Innovations

Looking for innovative ways to engage your target audience? 

Interested in generating new revenue through live streaming? 

We provide tailor-made technology solutions for sports organizations in association with our partners.

Fan loyalty programs

We develop your fan loyalty concepts or strategy and provide you with a technology solution to implement your fan loyalty program easily.

Loyalty programs have been used in other industries for decades but the concept is still relatively new for many sports organizations.

A customer loyalty program is usually a rewards program offered to customers who frequently make purchases. A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance released products.

This concept can easily be applied to sports organizations offering fans the opportunity to earn points in and potentially outside the venue and to redeem the value of those points at the venue during matches or at the fan shop, club cafe etc. Fans could collect points for engaging with the club on social media, posting pictures during matches, or for purchasing merchandise, tickets, food and beverage at the venue.

Customized Apps for enhanced fan experience

Together with our technology partner, we develop your own customized fan app which includes fan activations, promotions, match statistics and more. 

The app also supports fan loyalty programs and enables fans to collect points for stadium visits, money spent at venues or purchases with partner companies.

Live streaming white lable solutions

Together with our technology partner, we offer you the option to maintain ownership of your content and stream your competitions directly cutting out the middle man. Streaming rights include Amazon Web Services (US/ Europe) and Ali Baba (China/ Asia).

Using your own live streaming, you decide about advertising, marketing content etc. and unlock completely new revenue streams.


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