Engaging with Esports

One of our core services is to provide sport organizations with tools and strategies to engage with Esports. Set up your own competition or simply explore potential partnerships with Esports ambassadors.

Strategies - Your starting point

Defining a high-level strategy is your starting point. There are several case studies illustrating different strategies how sports organizations get involved in Esports. 

Select your game

If you decide to engage with existing Esports games, it is essential to select appropriate games in line with your values.

Basic categories of games include strategy games (DotA2, League of Legends, SMITE etc.), first-person shooters (Call of Duty, Counterstrike, Quake, Doom etc.) or fighting games (Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros.).

Especially games in the first-person shooter category have been widely criticized for promoting violence. They may be suited for some but rejected by others.



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