Governance, Finance & Monitoring

We offer a variety of financial services and risk management services for sports organizations and for potential investors:

We develop sustainable finance concepts for sports organizations.

We assess key financial and operational risks and mitigation by internal controls.

We identify investment opportunities for investors and conduct due diligence of selected clubs. 

Risk Management

Risk Management is an essential topic for sports organizations including federations, associations, leagues and clubs. Financial and operational risks can negatively impact sports organizations and even endanger their existence if not properly managed. Risks come in different shapes and forms, they can have severe impact, moderate consequences or even be tolerable. It is essential however, to know your risks and address them through adequate measures as appropriate.

Financial risks are of concern at most sports organizations we work with. Many sports clubs for instance, either spend too much, have a generally low income or a combination of both. To mitigate the resulting financial risks, proper controls and measures are required.

During our initial analysis, we review your documented key risks (e.g. your current risk register, risk-control-matrix etc.) and identify additional risks if necessary. To identify additional risks, we will use our own risk catalogues and conduct workshops with relevant stakeholders.

All key risks of your sports organization should be addressed by adequate control activities to ensure proper mitigation and reduce exposure to an acceptable level.


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